“Stop Paying Rent!”

“We will help you own a home!”

With a rent-to-own home, you can stop being a tenant and invest in your own future. www.rent2ownalberta.org allows you to live in your dream home today without having to meet the typical financing qualifications required by the big banks. Our unique program is designed to assist future homeowners who experience difficulty in qualifying for conventional financing, either because of bruised credit or lack of down payment.

  • Manageable down payment
  • Poor or no credit history OK
  • Build towards ownership while renting

Once we approve your application, you are treated as the owner of the property the day you move in. Our program is designed to help you qualify for financing as soon as possible. Typically we can help you qualify for financing within 2-3 years if you follow our program. We can extend the program longer if necessary as long as you are not in default with us. We will work with you to help rebuild, repair or establish your credit rating. We will review your credit report with you and provide you with a personalized plan for you to follow. This is typically done with the consultation of a mortgage broker or credit counselor. This plan, if properly executed by you during the rental term, will improve or establish your credit rating sufficiently to be approved by conventional lenders.

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We Will Help you Own a Home

Why Rent to Own Might Be Right For You: